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IMAO parfums have created an unforgettable experience for creating a unique fragrance. Each IMAO perfume is carefully crafted to create an exclusive, captivating fragrance that lingers throughout the day. IMAO perfumes have quickly become known for their luxurious, fresh, and delicious scents.

Shopping for car perfumes, fragrance cards, and room fragrances has just become much easier with IMAO Perfumes. Here you can find a variety of luxury items that will brighten up any space. From classic scents to those that convey a certain mood, all products in this online store are of high quality and made from the best ingredients. In addition, they offer free shipping on all orders to Sweden! It’s your go-to destination for perfume, scent cards, and room sprays!

Imao Parfums
store rating4.82 / 5
product rating4.81 / 5
598 reviews

Paris Scented card

59,00 kr

IMAO Travel Pass – 13 Doftkort

Original price was: 767,00 kr.Current price is: 599,00 kr.

Bali Wipes

79,00 kr

New York Wipes

79,00 kr

Doftkorts prenumeration

100,00 kr / month

Capri Diffuser

89,00 kr
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Don't miss our exclusives offer and discounts!

Don't miss our exclusives offer and discounts!​